• Primed Pixel Music
    • Currently my most active YouTube channel – “remixes” / covers of video game music.
  • Primed Pixel Games
    • Likely to become my most active channel – game development “devlogs”, and general game design videos.
  • Primed Pixel Plays
    • Likely to have an upload every 5 years – gaming videos.

Music Platforms


    • Primary source for downloading any and all of my games.
  • Maze Madness
    • 1-4 players – fast-paced, randomly generated, arcade-styled Maze Madness
  • Time is of the Essence
    • Singleplayer – made for Ludum Dare 46, a fast paced “mini-game” collection with the main objective being to keep the timer from hitting zero, ultimately keeping it “alive”.
  • Classic XΞKINO
    • 2 Player – made for the GMTK Jam 2021, a local multiplayer game in which you are joined together by a tether which has the ability to destroy enemies.
  • GitHub
    • Contains source code for some games, as well as this very website.

Personal Socials