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Hey! It’s me: your friendly neighbourhood person on the Internet, who decided to recreate a website at 2 in the morning (because don’t we all!). If you’ve found me on a social media and randomly decided, for whatever reason, to click on my website and read what I assume will be a pinned post, hi? I guess?

I’m Malachy Moran-Tun, a massive nerd, and I like to create stuff on the Internet! Usually it’s quite bad, if I’m honest – but I swear sometimes this weird thing called a miracle happens and I make something tolerable. Big projects can be found on the sidebar, with separate pages describing what on earth they on, and social links are found just below.

Game Development

The main thing I’m currently focusing on (aside from starting a degree soon, I heard those require at least some effort) is game development – or gamedev for short! I’m planning on making regular blog posts for updates on said games, so for now I’ll just politely link drop my page and no-one needs to get mad.

Music Production

I also quite enjoy creating my own music. Whilst this originally stemmed from gamedev and creating soundtracks for my own stuff, it quickly expanded into both soundtrack production and general music production (i.e., songwriting, composing – the works). But I’m also really secretive about the songwriting stuff so anything covered pretty much anywhere on the Internet will be about my game soundtracks.

Said soundtracks can be found on pretty much all music streaming platforms. The common ones are linked below, but have a search if you use something else; it’ll probably be there!


I also am an avid content creator – christ it sounds like i’m writing a bad CV here. However, does that mean I post regularly? No! Of course not, and it’s very silly to assume such. I pretty much focus on three channels: gamedev, music production, and gaming (or “let’s plays” if we’re back in 2012 now).

Primed Pixel Music

My music channel is currently the one that’s received the most attention, although I have a feeling that won’t be the case in the near future. Here I mainly post covers – or sigh… remixes – of video game music. The most popular video so far (that wasn’t just from when I used the channel for general things, including gamedev) is… not my finest work (at least I think so) – but the most popular that I actually like is below!

Primed Pixel Games

Now this is the channel that I expect to see become much more active, with videos such as the one below, but with a bit more… personality to them (hopefully). I’m currently in the process of writing the script for this new “style” of video, although content-wise it’s fairly similar.

In the future, this might expand a bit further to retro gaming tech, but I’m not so certain if I want to exclusively bundle that in with the gamedev stuff yet, particularly how it’s way off my radar.

Primed Pixel Plays

No way! Someone born in 2005 used to make Minecraft videos? Nah mate, you’re having me on.

seriously I don’t know what’s to happen with this channel – but it exists!


However, just because I’ve distinctly categorised two things doesn’t mean that’s exclusively what I’ll talk about on here. Think of it as a more formal social media, i.e., not as sh*t-posty as Twitter, but certainly not as formal as my non-existent LinkedIn.

If you read all that, then wow I must have gained popularity since I wrote this, you saddo (thanks :))

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